PVC Chain Link

PVC Chain Link
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Galvanized and PVC Chain Link
Chain links are used to cover and secure areas. Chain links are usually to cover farms, gardens, cages
mine fields, construction areas and industrial zones.
Basicly there are 2 different types of chain links depending of the wire used in production.
Galvanized Chain Links
Galvanized chain links are the most common fence models. They can be used for any kind of
application as they are affordable. Galvanized chain links are weak agains corrosion and rusting. But
can be produced by high intense of galvanized wire to make it stronger. The density of Galvanize (
Zynch : ZN ) can be increased during production.
These chain links are easy to apply and usually used for farms, country side roads, gardens.
PVC Chain Links
PVC chain links are basicly more reliable and durable according to the galvanized chain links. PVC
chain links can be used for farms, roads , railways, gardens, prisons and all public places. PVC chain
links are strong and durable against outdoor effects ( Sun,Rain,Snow ) , corrosion and rusting.The
PVC coating over it’s wire keeps it in perfect condition. These fences are economical as galvanized
chain links.

Specialities of Chain Links
Chain links are produced by chain link machine which draws the wires as a web. This makes it more
flexible than other fences and easier to apply on any area. These fences has some advantages.
- High Durability
- Reliable
- Economical
- Maintenance Free
- Easy to Produce

Technical Details
Interocular Eye Range : 20mm - 30mm – 40mm – 50mm 60mm – 70mm
Height : 50mm – 7000mm
Length of the Coil : 500mm – 20.000mm
Wire Thickness : 2-4mm

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