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It is among the most researched topics of recent times with panel fence models and prices. Decking is one of the most researched topics of recent times. These fences, which are mostly used to close around areas such as gardens, houses, Deckhouses, are offered for sale at different prices depending on the features and usage areas they have. With the increase of security measures, the demand for these fences is increasing every day.

There may be many different reasons for the use of panel fences. These fences, which are preferred mostly for security purposes, are also of interest to those who want to add value to the area they live in and differentiate these areas. The fact that these fences, also called wire fences, can be easily applied to many areas makes it more preferable.

Classic Panel Fence

Classic panel fences are one of the most preferred models among panel fence models.Decking is one of the most preferred models among panel fence models. Panel fences made of galvanized wire have a profile with a width of 2450 mm. In addition to the fact that green color is preferred the most, there are quite a lot of color options optional. Classic panel fence models and prices vary according to the properties and usage area of the fence.

Classic panel fences are used to surround homes and workplaces, as well as to make factories and parking lots safer. In addition, it can also be used for many different purposes.

Decorative Panel Fence

Although the decorative panel fence can be easily applied to all kinds of areas as a single wire, it has a decorative pattern on it for visual design purposes. Compared to other panel fences, these fences, where the visual aspect is more prominent, are also highly resistant to many natural phenomena such as rain, snow and UV rays. When applied correctly to the area, it can be used for many years without damage.

Decorative panel fences, in which visualness stands out, are applicable to many areas. Its robust and durable structure makes it both more accessible and applicable faster. Decorative panel fence models and prices vary depending on the quality, usage area and quantity of the fence.

Double Panel Fence

The biggest feature that distinguishes double panel fence from other fences is that it is manufactured with double wire. Double panel fences, which have a wide usage area due to their durability and Decisiveness, are among the most produced fences in the market. When evaluated as price performance, double panel fences are higher priced than other panel fences as a result of the superior features they have.

Double panel fence models and prices may vary depending on the cost of the panel fence, product features and the area where it will be installed. These fences, which have the feature of being double wire, are used more frequently in areas such as railways and highways as a result of the features they have. On the other hand, double panel fences can be easily used in many areas.

High Security Panel Fence

High security fence systems are among the panel fences used in areas where security is at the forefront Decisively. Although their production with galvanized coating prevents these fences from being corroded, they are also highly resistant to all kinds of natural phenomena such as rain, hail and snow. This ensures that the panel fences can be used with a long service life.

High security panel fences, which provide a great advantage in terms of security, are manufactured using barbed wire and razor wire. Because of these features, military areas are among the places where these fences are used Decently. High security panel fence models and prices may vary when different elements are taken into account.

Panel fence models and prices may differ according to criteria such as market conditions, the quality of the fence, the amount of use and the area of use. In order to get maximum performance from the use of panel fence, it will be more useful to get help from professional teams at the application stage.


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