Classic Panel Fence

Classic Panel Fence
The ability to be used in a variety of fields, robustness, and its ability to respond to the security needs, with features such as display frequently, and often preferred, classic quality and economical prices, we offer a combination of panel fence with our models.

What Is Classic Fence Panel?

Classic fence panel from the home to the workplace in a wide range of fields that is used to enclose a space that looks modern aesthetic and robust and to obstruct the view from outside of fence Panel System.


Classic models the containment of land or a building that you can think of each fence panel can be used. Classic fence panel most of the water-space surrounded by buildings, it is preferred in:

  • School
  • Hospital
  • Home
  • Garden
  • Garden Restaurant
  • Military areas
  • Gardens and public institutions
  • Open-air museums
  • Historical sites etc.
It is possible to duplicate samples; in short we can say that it is suitable for all areas to be preserved.

Classic Fence Panel Specifications

Manufactured from galvanised wire, our range of fence panels classic polyester with a coating that is applied on the oxidation and corrosion prevents the formation of such as. The most important feature of painting without the need for maintenance and coating technique for many years, is that it enables the product to be used.

  •  an elegant and aesthetic appearance; from the outside of your building does not block the view, on the contrary, adds a modern atmosphere.

  •  Durable; not affected by weather conditions and natural events. Bending, twisting, removal, breakage, such as negative features do not have. Durability is a product that is unquestionable.

  •  does not require maintenance; it is trouble-free. For years, no special maintenance, without wear and you can use before they wilt.

  •  security measures u provide is unlikely to be passed through. However, if the need for extra security, you can browse our products, if you have other fence panel.

I'd Like To Order Fence Panel Classic

Classic fence panel products is a click away! You can contact us for prices and information about fence panel our classic models. To offer you the best at the most affordable prices and the highest quality products and all the products of our company have passed the required quality checks guarantee that our company's exclusive products. For information about products and prices, you'll find us on our website or our telephone number.

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