Decorative Grass Mesh

Decorative Grass Mesh
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Decorative Grass Mesh ( Artificial )
Artificial grass mesh is used to decorate living areas. It looks like a natural grass and makes the place
green and natural. Since they are aftificial they don’t need care or nutrition as the natural grass. They
are easy to apply and can be used four seasons.
Usage Area
- Construction areas ( Instead of plates )
- Roof Coverage
- Wall Coverage
- Cafes – Restaurants
- Private Houses
- Roads
- Parks – Sport Fields
The artificial grass mesh is not only a decorative product but also a strong fencing unit. Basicly its
produced by twisting 2 core and a sliced PVC foil. Double core wire makes this fencing product
stronger. Using PVC foil as leafs of the grass makes this mesh durable against, corrosion rusting and
other outdoor effects.

Specialities of Artificial Grass Mesh
- Natural View
- Durable
- Reliable
- UV Filtered
- Transparent View
- Non-Inflammable
Technical Details
Thickness Of Foil : 90-110 micron
Thickness of Wire : 1.60mm double wire
Interocular Eye Range : 40mm – 43mm – 45mm
Height of the Mesh : 500mm – 800mm – 1000mm – 1200mm – 1500mm – 2000mm
Length of the Coil : 10.000mm ( can be adjusted

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