Concertina Razor Wire

Concertina Razor Wire
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Concertina Razor Wire
Concertina razor wire is strong fencing product to cover areas that needs to be secured.

Concertina razor wire is usually used on walls or others fences. They are produced as helix shape of
razor wire.

Specialities of Concertina Razor Wire
This product’s name come from it’s shape. Concertina razor wire made of 2 compenents. Galvanized
sheet and galvanized wire.

Sheet Coating : Hot deep galvanized 100-200 gr/mt2
Wire Coating: Hot deep galvanized 100-200 gr/mt2
Stainless steel can also be used to produce razor wire. AISI 304
Sheet Thickness: 0.5mm
Wire Thickness : 2.5mm
Diameter of Concertina Razor Wire : 450mm-600mm-900mm
Tensile Strength of Wire: 160 N/mm2

Why Concertina Razor Wire
Concertina razor wire is more effective and stronger than other security products such as barbed
wire. The common steel core wire of concertina razor wire is the unit that makes difference. It has
more tensile strength than other products. Concertina razor wires are clipped from both sides of the
wire and they are hard to cut and untie.
Concertina razor wire is durable against corrosion , rusting , cut and other outdoor effects.
Razor wires can be used for every kind of area that needs to be protected.
- Airports
- Prisons
- Roads – Railways
- Energy Plants
- Factories and Warehouses
- Private Houses
- Farms

Concertina razor wires are usually used to protect areas against strangers. Its threatining shape keeps
outsiders at outside.

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