Classical Welded Fence

Classical Welded Fence
These reliable panel fences have adjustable size and interocular range. They have a large usage of area with its easy application. These affordable fences are can be used in any project.

Classical Welded Fence

Classical welded fence systems are the most used type among all fence models. They can can be
customized according to case of application. These fences are easy to apply and practical in use.

Classical welded fences can used for every kind of project as they are decorative and practical. They
can be applied on walls or ground. They are basicly used in common applications since they are
economical and durable in most conditions.

Specialities of Classical Welded Fences

Classical welded fences are usually used to cover and secure the houses and different types of
buildings. They are also used to create cages , seperate areas and to build gates for entrances in
different fields. The application of these fences are flexible and their interocular eye range can be
adjusted according to the demand. Classical welded fences generally produces dark green but can we
can be coated by any colour.

The length of classical welded fences are 2500 mm and they have 6 different heights as standarts.

Heights: 500mm-800mm-1000mm-1200mm-1500mm-2000mm
Length : 2500mm
Interocular Eye Range : 50mm x 150mm
Wire Thickness: 4mm-4.5mm
Colour: Standart Ral 6005 Green ( Can be coated by any colour in RAL )
Posts: 50mm x 50mm Thickness : 1.5mm 60mm x 60mm Thickness: 2mm
Wire Coating: Hot deep galvanized
Paint: Powder Coating

Classical Fences Usage Areas

Covering and securing the houses, gardens, factories, and other areas below.
Animal cages and balconies
Military bases
Public areas
Roads – Railways

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